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Minor Surgery/Wart Clinic

There are a number of surgical procedures which do not require hospital admission. We do have a clinic especially for such occasions and if your doctor considers it appropriate they will advise you.

Diabetic Clinic

This is held weekly with the practice nurse and/or the HCA. If you are referred by a doctor you will have to make an appointment.

Asthma Clinic

Asthma patients are seen during normal surgery hours. Please make an appointment with the practice nurse if you suffer from asthma and she will advise you on the future care given by this practice.

Anticoagulation Clinic

For patients who are on Warfarin the practice is able to undertake the monitoring for this. You will need to have permission from the hospital before you can enrol in the practice anticoagulation clinic.

Phlebotomy Clinic

These clinics are held almost daily at the surgery. Any patient needing to have their blood test done can now do so by booking an appointment with our Health Care Assistant.

Commuter Clinic

The surgery is now offering Commuter Surgeries for people who work. Commuters will be able to pre-book a doctor’s appointment from 7.00-8.00am. Please book your appointment in the usual way at reception.

Post Natal Clinic

Contact reception to make an appointment

Health Visitors

The Health Visitors provide supervision and support for children from birth to 5 years old, monitoring growth, development and wellbeing of the child within the family.

Health visitors are based at Fairfield Clinic and can be contacted on 020 8305 3044

Health Visitor Advice Line 020 3260 5188

Travel Vaccinations

Non-NHS Services

All doctors conduct insurance, HGV, PSV and pre-employment medical examinations, for which a fee is payable. A special appointment will need to be made with the doctor.


Our aim is to identify carers and to ensure that their needs are being met both clinically and by support by other agencies. Please inform reception if you are a Carer and you will be offered a Carer Health Check with one of our health care assistants.

Support To Stop Smoking

The HCAs are trained to Support to Stop Smoking Advisors, and do much of the stop smoking support.

If you are ready to stop smoking or would like more information please ask reception to book you a Smoking Cessation appointment with one of the HCAs.

Weight Management

The practice nurses offer an initial assessment, advice and management plan for weight loss. They also offer assessment and advice for exercise.

Referrals can be made following this to the local leisure centres.

Ongoing monitoring of weight is done by the HCAs.

Women's Health

Cervical Smears
Both of our Practice Nurses are trained in cervical cytology and appointments to have your cervical smear taken can be made at any time or day. A cervical smear is best taken mid-cycle. Please book an appointment in the usual way at reception.

Family Planning
All doctors will give contraceptive advice and prescribe pills and depo injections. Simply make an appointment in the usual way at reception.

Maternity Care
If you are preparing for a pregnancy, then any of the doctors will be happy to give pre-pregnancy advice.

If you are, or think you are, pregnant, you should book an appointment with the GP as soon as possible to initiate a referral for antenatal care and early pregnancy advice.

Baby Clinic & Childhood Immunisations

The baby clinic is held once a week and is run by a GP and Practice Nurse and is for for the baby’s 8 week child health check.

These clinics are for child development checks and immunisations and allow an opportunity to discuss other problems eg sleeping, feeding and child health worries.

You will  see the doctor for the 8 week child development check.

You will then be seen by the Practice Nurse who will administer the first immunisations to your baby.

Minor Surgery

There are a number of surgical procedures which do not require hospital admission. We do have a clinic especially for such occasions and if your doctor considers it appropriate they will advise you.